Marketing Only Package

There are many reasons when selling your boat to use a broker but we respect there are reasons why some people choose not to. For this reason we have designed a unique Marketing Only package aimed at people who want to have some support selling their boat but in various different levels according to your needs. We offer these packages from just £250.00


No-one knows a boat better than the owner so if you are confident showing a prospective buyer around your boat then the viewing and sea trial part of the sale is conducted buy you. We pass on leads that our advertising has generated and you do the rest.


All of our listings have the highest quality of marine photography to show the boats at their best. We know exactly how to use the light to its best effect; how to use different filters to create stunning photos of your boat; we understand exposure and depth and all manner of other aspects of photography and the images are edited to the highest standard.


We will list your boat on all of the major boat sales websites and social media channels across the world to ensure a maximum coverage of your boat to all potential buyers. The listings are uploaded and maintained to ensure data is correct and provide a full descriptions of your boat covering all of the features and benefits to attract attention and interest.


Whether you’re selling your family dinghy, a large powerboat, or something in between, finalising the transfer of ownership will require some paperwork. We can prepare all this paperwork for you so that you don’t hold up the final sale.

Choose your package

Prices start at £250 and are capped at £2,000 so no matter the value of your boat you will never pay more than £2,000 to sell your boat. 




BOATS FROM £10,000 TO £20,000





*Capped at £2,000

Get started now:

Step 1   Tell us about your boat on the below form or email us on [email protected]

Step 2   Based on this information we will give you a market price estimate for your boat.

Step 3    We then ask you to put together as much information as you can about your boat and prepare it for sale.  The more info we have about its servicing & maintenance, options, electronics etc, the more attractive it will be to buyers.

Step 4   Make an appointment with us to discuss our Marketing Services and which ones best suit your needs.

Step 5   As part of our service, your boat will appear on all the top relevant websites and social media channels, placing it in front of the maximum number of potential buyers.

Step 6  All leads will be qualified and passed onto you to complete the sale.

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