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Over 50 years of success with a constant attention for the quality and the technological development make Selva a leader on the European nautical market.

The Selva name is synonymous with high-quality marine engineering, and making parts that are lynchpins for other established brands. They are also for their own brand engines and boats that have a great reputation for build quality and performance.

Selva Range

Outboard Motors

This Selva Marine range has a strong and distinctive personality that operates in total respect of nature. The use of sophisticated technologies, their compactness, elegant and innovative design make these outboard motors a range that does not go unnoticed in the pleasure boating sector.

Burning accelerations, low consumption. they are the main characteristics of this 4 strokes range. especially developed for the most demanding people. the advanced electronic system controls in the best way all the engines’ functions and grants breathtaking performances

Agile and easy to handle, the Selva 2-strokes allow a strong and safe navigation. Light weight and powerful, and simple controls in the operating systems, these motors are reliable and faithful companions that well adapt to those who make the sea their own profession.

Inflatable Boats with Outboard Motors

Inflatable boat 6 m, in package with Selva Marine outboard motors.
Combination of style, comfort and practical all come together to Selva accessibility. The boat incorporates a grey hull and deck with grey two-tone sporty tubulars and carbon look. It features a large driving console with room for the latest electronic navigation instruments and a large windshield with steel frame rails which guarantees protection for driver and passengers, while the two double Jockey seats and a rear shaped sofa with handrail handles on the tubes guarantee the maximum comfort for everibody during navigation.

Range of 8 models, from 5.7 m to 8 m. Keeping unchanged the recognized safety quality, seaworthiness and performance typical of the Evolution range, the new Evolution Special Line offers a special display that greatly enriches the Selva Marine range.
The Evolution Special boats offer tubulars with two-tone white/carbon impression, tubular fabric handrails, “Special” refined cushions, sporty steering wheel, console panel carbon look, guardrails and steel handrails, stern platforms and complete shower facility standard on the whole range. They are offered in package “turnkey” with Selva Marine motors, as per tradition of the house.

Inflatable boats in “Package formula” with Selva Marine outboard motors in 11 lengths, from 4.7 to 9.6 meters, to enjoy the sea freely and in safety. The entire project design, strict tests and production technology are all aimed at achieving the best and off ering latest generation, new conception products.

Inflatable boats in “Package formula” with Selva Marine outboard motors in 3 lengths, from 5.4 to 7.9 meters, to enjoy the sea freely and in safety. This range, with essentials lines, is the result of an accurate research that offers a rational organization of the space on board. With especially designed hulls to increase fluency in the water, optimizing the performances of the engines

Inflatable boats in package with Selva Marine outboard motors, 3 lengths of 5.5, 6 and 7meters. The spaciousness of the deck in two proposed versions and the dark colors of the reinforced tubulars for higher security, make them ideal for professional use.

New product 2014, this boat is exclusively developed by Selva Marine. With an original and sporty line, it is specially created for those looking for the best. Particular attention has been paid to every detail, from the aft bench convertible into sundeck additionally to the ergonomic console which integrates all engine controls, large bow sundeck, and particularly sophisticated design. All this is combined with the power of the wide range of Selva Marine engines supplied in the package formula, making this model the undisputed top of the class.

Inflatable boats in package formula with Selva Marine outboard motors in 6 ranges with 6 different construction types, from 3 to 5.8 meters. You can choose the new folding range with wood floor or with aluminum floor, the Kayak with inflatable floor, the version with “V” shape inflatable keel, the fiberglass double molded hull or larger boats, with GRP double molded hull with console.

Inflatable boats in “Package formula” with Selva Marine outboard motors in 2 lengths, from 3.4 to 4 meters. Well-designed in the smallest detail, for those seeking elegance and luxury with the maximum comfort and safety: the Gran Turismo of the sea, also ideal as tenders for super yachts.

Inflatable boats in Package formula with Selva Marine outboard motors in 6 ranges with 5 different construction types: you can choose the new Light rolling-up or normal rolling-up version, the folding one with wooden floor, the one with “V” shape inflatable keel or the one with fiberglass hull, also double molded. Ideal for application as tender, with lengths from 2 to 3.8 meters.

Boats with Outboard Motors

The new Elegance line, exclusively developed by the shipyard, is the result of an attractive and sophisticated design, with games of intersections between lines and arcs in a modern combination enhanced by colourful sides and by exclusive graphics. The accurate research of details and the use of innovative technical solutions for space optimization on board, make these boats very functional for any use.

Look further afield and dream of new adventures. This is possible with the Open line boats. Years of nautical experience have enabled Selva Marine to produce these extraordinary boats, elegant and versatile, offered in a Formula Package with outboard motors in the numerous versatile Selva Marine range. The hull and propeller constitute a stable functional coupling and even with low-power motorization they are able to compete with crafts in higher categories in terms of performance and style.

The brand new Tiller Line range has a double skinned flooding hull for improved stability when at rest or fishing etc. With loads of freeboard its ideal for small families, perfect for exploring, fishing or just heading to the beach. 

This new range of GRP boats are offered in package with the tiller steering Selva Marine outboards.

This range perfectly combines safe and easy boating with the family and the quality furnishings and elegant details allows a comfortable overnight stay onboard. It is available in 5 models from 5.9 to 8.3 mt in length.

The Sun Deck line is designed to offer you maximum comfort: large cabins, comfortable sun decks and an ergonomic steering console. Four versions are available ranging from 5.7 to 9 metres in package formula with the DFI and 4 Stroke direct injection outboards to experience emotions in complete relaxation, freedom and safety.

The new Sun Deck Elegance range, developed exclusively by the yard, it is the Selva Marine result of the recognized experience in the pleasure nautical world. The most modern research techniques have been used to the optimization of space on board. The special attention to detail and the adoption of innovative technical solutions make these boats highly functional in any kind of use. Sun Deck Elegance Line, the new standard of elegance at sea.

Fibreglass boats in “Package Formula” with Selva Marine outboard motors, in 3 lengths, from 5.5 to 7 meters, in different configurations to completely enjoy the pleasures of your favourite sport, fishing. pag. 27

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