Strong character, innovative design with a distinctive disposition: Selva Marine outboard motors, powerful and reliable.

This Selva Marine range has a strong and distinctive personality that operates in total respect of nature. The use of sophisticated technologies, their compactness, elegant and innovative design make these outboard motors a range that does not go unnoticed in the pleasure boating sector.

Burning accelerations, low consumption. they are the main characteristics of this 4 strokes range. especially developed for the most demanding people. the advanced electronic system controls in the best way all the engines’ functions and grants breathtaking performances

Agile and easy to handle, the Selva 2-strokes allow a strong and safe navigation. Light weight and powerful, and simple controls in the operating systems, these motors are reliable and faithful companions that well adapt to those who make the sea their own profession.

The XS range offers commercial fishermen the chance to purchase large displacement, low hp outboard motors which are ideal for under-10m craft. These motors are lower revving, under less strain and very efficient on fuel so ideal for high hours of operation in demanding fishing environments.