What is the Fliteboard?

This eFoil was created using sophisticated parametric models and digital wind tunnel. It is the first unibody powered hydrofoil fuselage that uses streamlined hydrodynamics to deliver greater efficiency. The Fliteboard eFoil isn’t reliant on wind or waves, and it flies effortlessly for up to 90 minutes per charge.

– The board integrates carbon fibre, Innegra, aircraft-grade aluminium and high-quality wood laminates.
– Advanced lithium-ion cells battery with 100% pure nickel terminations for low resistance.
– GPS-Bluetooth magnetic charging throttle controller.
– The quiet electric motor produces thrust to fly at up to 34 miles or 55km per hour for up to 90 min.

How does it work?

The best part of this is that you need no wind and no waves to fly on this carbon-fibre eFoil. Choose from three board models to suit different riding needs, including Fliteboard PRO and Fliteboard AIR, in a range of quality finishes. Customise your ride with different wings and batteries.

The custom-designed waterproof (IP67) handheld remote provides intuitive control. The Fliteboard is easy to transport and set-up. Any body of water (more than 1m deep) becomes a playground. The ocean, rivers, lakes and bays are now yours to explore like never before.


The quiet electric motor produces thrust to fly at up to 34 miles or 55km per hour. These hydrofoils are engineered for maximum thrust and efficiency for a range of wings, rider weights, and speeds with a precision developed in Germany specifically for Fliteboard’s unique requirements.

With this technology, you can fly effortlessly for up to 90 minutes per charge thanks to the Fliteboards’ dynamic eFoil propulsion system, and with a zero-emission propulsion system.


The Fliteboard battery or Flitecell is a plug and play power source that comes in two sizes depending on your performance requirements and budget. Its durable, high-quality housing is fully waterproof.

Flitecell Sport 30 AH with a 1.5KWh capacity and a 24 lb (10,9 kg) weight.

Flitecell Explore 40 AH with a 2.1KWh capacity and a 31 lb (13,9 kg) weight.

All three Flightboard models can use the same Flitecell

Controller & Flitebox

The Flite Controller is fully waterproof. It includes a magnetic hall sensor for very precise throttle control. The Flite Controller consists of several rider modes to make learning more manageable and to provide precision control for experienced riders.

Flite Controller includes a display that provides a range of information to help you get the most from your ride, and assist you in returning home with the remaining Flitecell power.

The Flitebox system is manufactured from hard-anodised aluminium and complete with finned heatsink for optimised cooling. Also inside the Flitebox is a powerful on-board computer that coordinates data from multiple sources.


Choose from three Fliteboard models to suit different riding needs.

Fliteboard suits riders from beginner to advance. Enough volume and deck area for early planning and easy pop-up, yet still highly manoeuvrable and easy to transport.

Flightboard PRO is for experienced riders that want the smallest board possible. Lightweight and responsive, it is not recommended for beginners.

The user-friendly Fliteboard AIR inflates around a self-contained power shell for easy transport. This durable model is perfect for families, lessons, tours and resort operators.

Fliteboard ULTRA is an adrenaline machine. At just 4 foot 2 inches, the reduced swing weight lets you push the limits.


Interchangeable wings allow you to customise your ride. We can distinguish between :

Cruiser Range is all about stability. Larger wings allow for earlier foiling at slower speeds. Advanced riders can take advantage of the extra glide to ride swells without the use of the motor.

Flow Range – these high aspect wings are loose and manoeuvrable. Ride waves, or ride rivers like a wave.

Flow S range is the lower aspect version of the Flow range, with increased roll rate for a crazy loose ride but with safer wing tips (at the expense of glide).

Speeeed range wings come to life at higher speed. Perfect for controlled carving. Just like snowboarding without the frostbite.

Safety Features

The battery or Flitecell has high strength polyvinyl chloride cell holders that maximise rigidity. It counts with CNC machined aluminium and high-temperature polymers for optimum heat management and performance.

An efficiency screen on the controller displays watt-hours per kilometre, to guide you to speed up or slow down to maximise your ride time and range.

The specially configured Battery Management System will reduce the power available when the Flitecell is close to running out. This gives you enough energy to motor slowly back to shore, but not enough power to foil. For safety reasons, you should never ride further from shore than you are prepared to swim.

What Makes Fliteboard so Unique?

Sit back and let Fliteboard’s founder David Trewern take you through a journey over the glassy waters of his home in Byron Bay, Australia, to help you understand why Fliteboard are genuine market leaders. This also has to be one of the coolest video presentations you’ll ever see. Inspired? You should be!

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