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Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned boater, the business of buying or selling a boat can be baffling. But a broker always has your back. Purchasing or selling a boat is rarely a simple transaction.

In an ever-evolving industry, there are definite advantages to having a pro at your side to help you access a global market, navigate contracts and other legal docs, answer your endless questions, and choreograph all the details of a sea trial, marine survey—and more.

Our brokers will give you the best advice on the current market and will work hard to achieve results. We share a passion for the sea and have a background and in-depth knowledge of the marine industry. We deliver maximum advertising reach across all platforms to ensure your boat sells.

In simplest terms, we can turn a complicated transaction into—well, smooth sailing.

We offer a complete Hassle free, start to finish brokerage service.


All of our listings have the highest quality of marine photography to show the boats at their best. We know exactly how to use the light to its best effect; how to use different filters to create stunning photos of your boat; we understand exposure and depth and all manner of other aspects of photography and the images are edited to the highest standard.


We have an aggressive advertising strategy designed to reach a target audience of potential buyers for your boat. Our arsenal include taking large, clear photos of your vessel and writing enticing descriptions, and shooting informative videos. These will be posted on the busiest marine websites. We will alert potential buyers in his customer database, as well as other brokers, that your boat is for sale. We also take full advantage of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, etc.) to ensure a maximum coverage of your boat to all potential buyers.


No-one knows a boat better than the owner so if you are confident showing a prospective buyer around your boat then the viewing and sea trial part of the sale is conducted buy you. We pass on leads that our advertising has generated and you do the rest.


Discussions between buyer and seller can get tricky—and often heated. Since we are free of any “emotional attachment” to the boat for sale, we can act as your intermediary and prevent unnecessary disputes that could cause a deal to fall through.


Whether you’re selling your family dinghy, a large powerboat, or something in between, the maze of paperwork involved in selling a boat on your own can be overwhelming and confusing. We have a thorough understanding of all legal aspects of a sale—loan payoffs, Bills of Sale, tax issues, etc.—and will navigate every aspect on your behalf, from the purchase offer to closing.


Suppose you’ve found the buyer. What do you think you should offer? We not only have financial data on similar boats sold in recent months, we also know how motivated the buyer is and be able to achieve the best offer. We can also negotiate terms of the sale, date of possession, and even inclusion or exclusion of repairs, furnishings and equipment.

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Depending on the value of your boat we will receive a small percentage of the final agreed sale price.


Option 2

We will agree on a net amount that you will be paid once your boat sells. If you have a price in mind that you would like to receive, we will simply place a suitable commission on top of that figure and market the boat with this in mind.

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Step 3    We then ask you to put together as much information as you can about your boat and prepare it for sale.  The more info we have about its servicing & maintenance, options, electronics etc, the more attractive it will be to buyers.

Step 4   Make an appointment with us to discuss our Marketing Services and which ones best suit your needs.

Step 5   As part of our service, your boat will appear on all the top relevant websites and social media channels, placing it in front of the maximum number of potential buyers.

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